Stuffed with promo tech

Brand Van is part super-chilled fridge, part multimedia powerhouse

Let's start with the VW

What a set of wheels. It's a VW Transporter LWB and has been lowered, given some ultra-sporty body kit, sparkling black wheels to go with the bodywork and then polished beyond belief. It's a work of art that really grabs attention.

No idea on its fuel consumption or emissions - but then again, neither do VW. 🙃

Sound and vision

55 inches of vision impact

We've loaded our vehicle with 55 inches of HD LED TV in the tail.  It's bright, vibrant and can be connected to pretty much anything you think of.  Games consoles, DVD players, USB sticks, Freeview, the internet streamed TV and so much more. Our techies love a challenge!

Sound system with a punch

The Alpine sound system built into the van makes some noise. With fifteen speakers and three Alpine subs, it's capable of rising above any background ambiance.  We can connect up your mp3 player, Spotify account, play the radio or your promotional video or even create for you a bespoke branded music playlist of your own.

WiFi HotSpot

Get your customers connected with our WiFi HotSpot built into the van - and get some mailing list data from them too by requiring an email address to connect. We take care of it all.

Live TV pictures

If live TV is essential, we can hook it up via our network or through a third party on site. Live Sports*, Live Action or Live TV is all possible to entertain your guests. (*may require licence per event). 

Keeping our cool

Turn it down to 0

Our enormous fridge can cool drinks right down to 0 and keep them there.  The adaptable shelving means we can handle virtually any cargo that needs to be cooled, meaning you could stack it with beers, bottles of champagne, water, juice boxes and more. You could even use it to keep some yoghurts or smoothies.

Serve from both sides

Our van doesn't just have a sliding door on the kerb side. We can serve your customers with drinks from both sides, meaning you can reach more people with speed and park it right in the middle of some serious footfall.

Drinks are accessed through an internal glass fridge door which can be logoed up with your branding, and it's surrounded by LED lights which can change colour to match your brand.

Alcoholic Drinks

If you require us to serve alcohol we are able to sort that. One of our team is a Personal Licence holder (which means he can sell alcohol and authorise others he trusts to do so) and knows the ins and outs of how it can be done.

On these occasions we need a bit of notice so we can talk to relevant authorities, fill out paperwork and talk to other stakeholders to make sure the day flows well. 

By the way, when alcohol is served, we can always bring 'Big Rab' along. He's from Scotland, eats porridge, stands 7ft tall, and can usually 'convince' troublemakers to go elsewhere if required.   


440ml cans

that's a lot of beers

250ml cans

so much energy we'll grow wings


a heavyweight promo tool

Other useful stuff to know

⚡️ Power

Can be powered by the van itself on idle or by battery, a generator, or a trusty old plug.  We can rock our van all day long! 

👍 Staffing

We can transport three people in plush leather comfort.  Our staff will always be briefed to demonstrate a product or to stand by and assist in any way.  Our goal is your success.

⏰ Setup time

The beauty of our vehicle is that we can start working as soon as we put the handbrake on. However, extra staging requires a bit more time to make sure we look our best. If we're loading drinks, a couple of hours is needed to cool a full van down. 

🚙 Support vehicles

Think you'll smash through stock? Need to send some extra crew or staging? We've got an extra vehicle which can be ahead of us with supplies or cargo to ensure we have everything to deliver the goods.

🚩 Extra staging

Making sure your brand pops with our van is vital and we recommend staging to ultra-enhance your image. From astroturf to gazebos, flags to cafe barriers, we can make sure you shine.

🎤 Host with the most

We've got a professional PA, microphone and an experienced host if you need it. A multi-award winning mouth who can talk to guests, celebrities and demonstrate products as needed.  

👞 Firm under foot

On a field, car park, inside or outside, we prepare for everything and ensure the flooring is right for the occasion and safe. We're good at what we do and can talk to you about it all.


This is what we do!

We can talk to you about the right logo, branding, flags and marketing material required to give the best impression and get the most out of our van.  

We can work with your marketing team or with our own suppliers to deliver everything you need from flags to mobile countertops, vehicle wrapping, fridge glass stickers, leaflets to business cards - you name it, we can sort it and deliver the WOW factor every time!