The right image for the right stage

All wrapped up or have it surrounded. You decide!

With our vehicle, you can have it anyway you want it.  Fully wrapped or spend the budget on the area around the vehicle to make it come alive with flags, tables, chairs and stands.  

If you are inside a building, show it as part of a stand, bring people closer, wow them with technology and stand out from the rest of the stand holders.  The competition for attention is fierce; this has no competition whatsoever. 

We do it all; you just tell us what you want


Awesome branding options

Ideas to ensure your brand pops at any event.

Feather flags

4.5 metres of wind-waving material to make sure you’re seen from far away at any event, way above the heads and shoulders of others.

Cafe barriers

Creates an even stronger presence for the van - but also give an element of crowd control. A really cost-effective surface area that displays your logo BIG!

Branded gazebo

Useful as shelter from rain or sun - or for product demonstrations, creating an area for guests to enjoy a drink from the van, or as a work space.

LED lighting

Lights are around fridge doors and at the back under the TV. There’s a range of colour options for your brand and there’s even flashy disco mode.

Rear boards

An access panel to the techy bits - but we can create and cut a panel with your logo, meaning everyone who looks at the rear of the van sees your brand.

Need help sourcing?

For all of the above options, we have trusted suppliers who can provide all of these options at a great price and our graphic designer can get all the artwork done for you.

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