You've never seen this before

Neither have your customers. Stop them in their tracks.

Unbelievable promotion opportunities

This is the new way to stand out in a crowd. Our exciting events vehicle is fitted with fridges either side, a state of the art entertainment system and expert promo and IT teams ready to ensure people stop and take notice. 

We don't just turn up - we turn it on!  Our pro team can promote what you do in the way that you want it done. Our style is crafted to your product, offering clients and customers the most modern, creative and entertaining way to launch products or just to hand out a range of drinks to help them enjoy the day. 

Built to make an impact

Forget huge costs of erecting stands at events or mediocre displays that have little impact. We have staging, lighting, sound, and vision to turn spaces into living, breathing presentation areas that people don't forget and will want to come back to.

We don't have to turn up a full day beforehand either, we can arrive and have it ready to go within the hour, working to any design or template you need us to.

What can you hire it for?


  • Product launches
  • Beer festivals
  • Live sports events
  • Music festivals
  • Golf days
  • Racing
  • Motorbike meets
  • Parties
  • 18th birthday
  • Weddings
  • Fun days
  • Kids events
  • Village fetes
  • Store openings
  • 21st birthdays
  • Bar mitzvahs
  • Promo events
  • Charity runs
  • Beach events
  • Outdoor events
  • Cycling meets

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